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Our Products

01Brosmed - Apollo

Apollo is a truly non-compliance high pressure post dilatation catheter which offers numerous features for enhanced robust & non-compliance balloon, extraordinary minor balloon axial growth while inflation and 5F guiding catheter compatible. The balloon sizes 2.0-5.0mm and length 8-18mm. The average balloon burst pressure is 30atm.

02Brosmed - Artimes

Artimes is a semi-compliance pre-dilatation catheter which offers numerous features for enhanced crossability, flexibility and extraordinary rewrap to facilitate the physician and procedure. The balloon sizes 1.0 and 1.25mm are designed for small and narrow lesions and for the treatment of CTOs.

04AnsCare - ChitoClot

AnsCare ChitoClot Artery Compression Device combination of device and ChitoClot Pad can deliver more effective coagulation effect. Continuous and stable compression can shorten hemostasis and restraint time, thus reduce the risk of complications.

05AnsCare - ChitoClot Pad

AnsCare ChitoClot Pad is indicated for the control of bleeding at percutaneous needle access, vascular access and percutaneous catheter access sites. AnsCare ChitoClot Pad is made from chitosan, which can significantly shorten hemostasis and restraint time, thus reduce the risk of complications.

07H.+H. Maslanka Chirurgische Instrumente GmbH - Grasping Forceps

They are used during transluminal extraction for retrieving catheter fragments, guide wire fragments, dislocated stents and occluders and other foreign bodies from the central circulatory system of the human body. A suitable cardiac catheter is used for this purpose.

08Zoll - IVTM

The ZOLL Intravascular Temperature Management (IVTM) system consists of the Thermogard XP console and a triple-lumen multiballoon catheter. Cool or warm saline is circulated through the catheter in a closed loop, quickly cooling or warming the patient as venous blood passes over the balloons. Just set the target temperature. The IVTM system maintains it with precision that surface cooling can’t match - within 0.2 ºC 97% of the time, versus just 56% with surface pads. Safe and effective, complication rates are comparable to those seen with surface methods. When target temperature is quickly reached and reliably maintained, temperature management is under control.

10Zimmer Biomet - Surgical Punch

Myo/Punch Rotating Surgical Punch designed to cut a clean and round hole. It’s hollow cutting tip with 10 degree undercut moves tissue away from inside edge of hole during cut to provide a clean and round hole. Dual cutting action of the surgical punch combined with a full 90 degree rotation of a scalpel sharp edge creates a clean circular hole. The syringe style grip on the surgical punch provides comfort during use and excellent visibility of the operative site and the low profile cutting tip for easier entry.

11Zimmer Biomet - Disposable Patient Cable

The Zimmer Biomet's disposable connecting patient cable with locking safety slide bar is designed to prevent unintentional electrode release.

13Peters Surgical - Ifabond

IFABOND is pure, biodegradable and synthetic surgical glue. It is a substitution of staples and sutures. IFABOND is ready for use in a pure form. It also has optimal biocompatibility and safety. It can be used for fixation of meshes, tissue adhesive, sealing of sutured tissue, haemostasis.

14Peters Surgical - Sil Promesh

SIL PROMESH is dual-sided intraperitoneal mesh. It’s one side made of non woven polypropylene for abdominal wall to achieve optimal tissue integration and draining of serosities due to the macroperforations. One side made of non adhesive silicone to prevent the formation of visceral adhesions. The indications are umbilical and incisional hernias by laparoscopy or open surgery.

16Peters Surgical - Promesh T

Two dimensional Mesh product in knitted Polypropylene. It’s surfacic mass is 97g/m² with high mechanical resistance. It provides optimal shape memory and easy handling during laparoscopy.

17Peters Surgical - Clip 9

CLIP 9 VITALITEC consist of adhesive catridges of 9 pure titanium haemostatic clips. It can be act as reference clip, fully X ray detectable, compatible with MRI or related scanning equipment. Internal structure is comprised of small diamond shape pyramidal heads, ensuring a firm grip on the vessel. Suitable for all kinds of surgeries

19Peters Surgical - Optime R

Optime - Absorbable polyglycolic acid braid. Optimal strength duration: 28/35 days, total absorption time: 60/90 days, high initial strength and moderated absorption, excellent knot reliability, soft, thanks to a fine braid structure and light coating, high biocompatibility.

20Peters Surgical - Optime R

Optime R - Fast absorbable polyglycolic acid braid. Optimal strength duration: 10/14 days, total absorption time: 42 days, excellent knot reliability, comfortable for the patient, no removal of the suture, excellent wound healing results, very soft thread and nice handling.

22Peters Surgical - Nylon

Nylon - Black 6.6 polyamide monofilament. Minimal inflammatory reaction, security of the nylon. Use in cataract, glaucoma, keratoplasty surgeries.

23Peters Surgical - Sinusorb

Sinusorb - Polyglycolic acid braid and monofilament. Optimal strength duration: 28/35 days. Total absorption time: 60/90 days. Fine and compact braid for a greater softness from USP 8/0, very good knot hold. Used in Scleral and conjonctival closure, retina, strabism and lid surgery.

25Peters Surgical - Corolene

Corolene - Polypropylene monofilament. A unique extrusion process for a perfect slide, exceptional strength of the thread, innovative packaging reducing the memory of the thread, available with preloaded pledget, references with stop point are available for laparoscopic vascular surgery.

26Peters Surgical - Cardionyl

Cardionyl - Treated polyamide 6.6. monofilament. Superior flexibility of the thread due to a specific treatment process, optimal elasticity of the thread for a better strength and knot security, reduced tissue trauma, available with pledget, custom-tailored references for the robotic use.

28Peters Surgical - Snuggers

Snugger - Tightening guide for fixing E.C.C cannulae. Sterile pack, ready to use, reduces the manipulations and preparation time, with or without monofilament, different lengths, sizes and materials available (rubber, PVC, silicone)

29PFM Medical - Post Operative Wound Drainage

The product portfolio for post-operative wound drainage from PFM Medical Ag offers a variety of systems for drainage by high-vacuum, low-vacuum and gravity for many clinical applications.

31OpInstruments GmbH - Retractor Fixtures (Heart Tissue Stabilizer)

The heart tissue stabilizers are intended to stabilize and minimize the movement of localized areas of a beating heart during off-pump cardiac surgery.